Our Purpose

Trading Post Partners was built for the purpose of enriching the lives of small businesses, their owners and their customers in the state of California. Small businesses are the foundation of our country and the free enterprise system that makes our country great. There are many other companies that compete in a similar market share, but Trading Post Partners founders want to make a difference.

You can advertise your business on many Internet sites for little or no money or you can advertise on Trading Post websites for as little as $5.00 per month and help us make a difference.

Unlike many of the national service listing businesses out there, we are a California based company marketing to and for the residents and businesses of ONLY California. Trading Post Partners built 58 Trading Post websites, one designated for each county of California. The purpose of individual counties was to allow residents of each county to find businesses in their own neighborhoods and also provide an inexpensive market place for businesses to advertise their services in their own communities.

The founders of Trading Post Partners has a purpose that almost any family can relate to - it’s cancer. We have lost 6 immediate family members and countless friends to this deadly disease. We will be contributing 10% of every dollar that we collect to help fund research and services in the fight against Cancer. Please join us in the fight now!